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How About an Adventure?

Boy Scouts prove themselves in an environment that challenges their courage and tests their nerve. After they've been given the proper guidance from those with experience and know-how, they take their own lead, going places they've never gone, seeing things they've never seen, and diving into the rugged world of outdoor adventure, relying on teamwork and character to accomplish what everyone else thinks is impossible.

Sound fun? If you're a boy age 11, or at least 10 and have completed the fifth grade, or have earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award, to 17 years old, the time for a real adventure is now.


What Troop 81 has to Offer...

Troop 81 is a very active scout troop in which all scouts do a great amount of Camping Hiking and other great outdoor activities.

Here is a list of some of the activities we have done in the past years...

  • Yearly week long summer camp at Camp Wanocksett

  • Many hiking trips in the White Mountains including many backpacking trips, including hiking the tallest mountain in the Northeast, Mt.Washington

  • Council Camporee's including many fun activities with other Troops from the area.

  • Yearly Ski and Snowboard trips to various mountains.

  • Local camping including wilderness camping in shelters built by scouts

  • Lots of opportunities for service to the community through Scouting for Food, and many other service projects

  • Learn many outdoor skills and leadership that from our youth run troop

  • Earn merit badges in topics from Robotics, to Pioneering, and Water Skiing.


Interested In Joining ???

As long you're a boy age 11, or have completed the fifth grade, or have earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award, to 17 years old, you are able to become a Boy Scout

When We Meet

  1. Your patrol (smaller group among the troop) will meet once a week for an hour to plan for campouts and work on rank advancement

  2. The Troop meets one a week for a hour to do certain activities and training, and to prepare and discuss upcoming events

Contact Us

Call Todd Arsenault (Scoutmaster) 978 597-5208

Email: admin@troop81townsend.com