Trouble Logging In?

Step By Step Guide


Step By Step Login Guide




Q: I don't know my username or password?

A: You should have received one, but if you lost it or are unable to click the forgot Password Link above or if that does not work email me at

Q: Want to change my email/password?

A: Login to your account and then at the bottom of the page click the User Settings link, from here you can change the aforementioned info

Q: I am getting a page that says "Authorization Required"

A: This means that the website does not recognize your username or password. First go back and make sure that you entered it correctly, then if you are entering it correctly and this is still coming up email me (address above). If this screen comes up when you click on the login button, and does not give you a chance to login, you should try it again. This issue has seemed to be most prevalent with Google Chrome, so if you are using Chrome try another web browser and it should work.

Q: I logged in a few day's ago and when I visited the site today I did not need to log in, it brought me straight to the site. Is something wrong.

A: No nothing is wrong the way that the server works is by remembering that you logged in and allowing you to remain logged. If you want to no longer be remembered just clear your cookies and browsing cache. This will make it so that the server no longer recognizes you and you will need to log in again.

Q: My Question is not here

A: Just Email me at